PTFE Sheet with Barium Sulfate

PTFE Sheet with Barium Sulfate

Category: PTFE Sheet

Product Style Number & Name:

GS4518 PTFE sheet with barium sulfate


GS4518 PTFE sheet with barium sulfate

Filled with barium sulfate and produced through unique manufacturing process, the white color sheet has improved performance over conventional PTFE sheets and minimizes cold flow and creep problems which typically exist in pure PTFE sheets. It withstands a wide range of chemicals for extended service life in various applications.

GS4518 is an alternative sheet material to Garlock Gylon 3510.


Suitable Mediums:

Suited for service against hydrofluoric acid and other strong chemicals such as potassium and sodium hydroxide, hydrogen fluoride, aluminium fluoride and chrome plating solutions.





Approx. 2.3g/cm3





Tensile strength




Maximum pressure



Normal Dimensions:

1500 x 1500mm (60" x 60");

Thickness: 0.5~5mm.

Other dimensions are also available on request.